Saturday, February 10, 2007

No matter who they nominate.. Grammy to Lupe Fiasco

I've been pushing this guy forever. He's a weaker version of Canibus but got the production behind him to suit his style.
Unlike Canibus in 98 when he had Wyclef strum on a guitar to the greatest battle rapper of all time.

Either way, if Lupe Fiasco does not win Best Rap Album + Best Rap Song (Kick, Push) - the rap world ignored the hip hop world again.

Not that they didn't already - as Nas would have taken every catagory in Rap. But to the white critics minds - it best be Lupe Fiasco.

And to the morons out there - he's the one that can actually rap in Kanye West's "Touch the Sky" single and video.

Most exciting team in North America... NBA. NHL. NFL. MLB. MLS...

It has nothing to do with Canada and our beloved hockey. Changing channels back to NHL games is just brutal for atmosphere and excitement.... and of course Americans could care less. But they do care about Football - and again, it's not an NFL team. Although it does kick some gears to watch Michael Vick run around and be wild on any play, win or lose.

And it's not baseball, We all know that, even me as a lifelong Yankees fan will never say any baseball team is the most exciting. Or MLS - Beckham or not.

It is the Toronto Raptors of the NBA. They play every game with that lunchpail attitude the world loves; that underdog atmosphere. When they play in Toronto - they get the crowd roaring with every blocked shot, steal, free point shot, etc.... It's the Toronto crowd that cannot afford the Maple Leaf tickets.

And prove that Toronto isn't as stupid as their media makes them look. Or the suits in the ACC for Leaf games make them seem timid. This is a city I thought would never survive the Vince Carter trade - his showtime "Air Canada" moves were made of legend. He was my favorite player, and it was my mistake to think once he left Toronto - they'd be lost.

But The RAPTORS have Chris Bosh - CB4.. and he's 22 years old, starting in the Las Vegas All Star Game. And every game the Raptors play, he's proving he's MVP material. He made Kobe his bitch tonight.

Let alone Bargnani, who is the next Dirk. God bless Colangelo, he saved this team.

Bosh for MVP. And the Raptors are going to make noise in the playoffs. If not, they're the most fast paced and exciting team in sports today. Check it out.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Indianapolis Colts win the SuperBowl.... the MVP was all wrong.... Bears forfeit

So the Indy Colts won the SuperBowl, and yes Peyton Manning figuratively gave the middle finger to all the critics who said he can't win a big game. But so what? He was not the MVP of that game, by any stretch. Yet, they gave it to him.

What I like about hockey is no matter who you are, if you played great - you win the playoff MVP. Ron Hextall stripped it from Wayne Gretzky in 87, Mike Vernon stripped it from Steve Yzerman in 96 and so on. Not to say hockey is perfect - because Cam Ward taking it home over Chris Pronger last year is a story for another day.

Manning went 25 for 38, which is a good amount for a regular season game MVP. 1Td, and 1 interception. He was better than Rex Grossman, for sure.... but who isn't? Rex Grossman could make Jason Maas look like Joe Montana. No, the MVP of the game was - at least to anyone watching the entire game... Joseph Addai.

Addai was the Colts tonight. He won them the Superbowl, because any QB could have handed him the ball. Except Rex, but again.....

No sense arguing over the specifics of MVP. All that matters is that the Colts won, and the Bears lost. No worries Chicago, wait another 20 years and they might get back to the big game. At least they're not the Cubs right?

All the Bears fans with their broken hearts. It's a most pleasant thing to think about.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

SuperBowl - Go Colts

And it'll be a blowout. Who the fuck are the Bears? They never mattered since 1988 at the lastest.

Grow up Bears fans. Seriously.It's Peyton's year.
Deal with it chumps.

Mike Ditka is dead? No? Oh well, as relevant as the Bears are today.

Colts 38 Bears 0.

Dig it.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Vote Barack Obama.... Don't be a retard IN 08

Get on board now, otherwise that stupid bitch Hillary who nobody trusted in 1992 will put in her woman vote for President. And it will all go to hell. Jeb Bush will toss his hat in the ring. So will Dick Cheney. And fuck them both. The only problem is that they will win over any woman president. As fucked up as the US is.... There's a time to call on a Bush, or a Cheney, or a dirt sniffing pig in both of them. And now what? Besides another Bush in Jeb, a President Cheney...or a Democrat President in H. Clinton, Al Gore, or some other drooling retard.... The Dems have lose to the Republicans handily ever since Nixon looked like a used car salesman in 62 and Kennedy looked like a movie star. How did that end up? Kennedy dead. And Nixon, like a snake would not give until he was President and forced out. A lifelong criminal. And so be it. Now the second greatest criminal since Nixon is in office. Actually a worse one. He had Hussein hanged, Hussein's brother decapitated. And Bush still spends most his time in Texas. Unfortunate for him. The Americans are getting their asses kicked in Iraq. And if the tide really swings. he might be the next to have the floor kicked out of him before he finishes his prayer. Only his daughters wouldn't have been murdered 2 years earlier, and his brother ub Jeb wouldn't face the same fate weeks latrer - with Jeb's head ripping off and shown to journalists 7 meters from his head. Who cares right? Bush is white. All those hung are crazy fuckers from the middle east. Where's Osama Bin Laden? Who cares?

Barack Obama would find him. And be more likely to negotiate a treaty with Osama, then solve the genocide in Darfur. All in one week. Then after his inaugeration - he'd just give the green light for the Palestine to bomb the fuck out of Israel. He'd deprt mel Gibson. Make the ghost of Malcolm X his Secretary of State (By All Means Necessary).... Take all troops out of Iraq. Make Putin his best friend

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Dig that.

The NHL is a joke.... Especially the All Star Game.... Vote for Rory

There was a time that Rory Fitzpatrick making it to the Allstar game was the biggest controversy around the NHL. Little did they know, that if Rory made it.... Vote for Rory Fitzpatrick would be the smallest story of it all.

The NHL pulled a Rory of it's own. Get this... Jaromir Jagr. Is NOT in the Allstar game. Justin Williams of the Carolina Hurricanes is. Jarome Iginla is NOT in the Allstar game, Yannic Perreault (a quarter season free agent signing to Phoenix) Is.

And we can go on and on. Ilya Kovalchuk, is not in the Allstar Game. Chris Pronger, is not in the Allstar Game, and did I mention... Jaromir Jagr, is not in the Allstar game. I did. But Justin Williams is in the Game. Rod BrindAmour of the same Hurricanes is not in the game, but Justin Williams is.

Jarome Iginla, Sergei Zubov, Ilya Kovalchuk, Chris Pronger, and Jaromir Jagr are not in the NHL All Star Game. Yanic Perreault is.

And the NHL, their stupid pundits around the media were worried that Rory Fitzpatrick would be in there? He was going to taint the game, and take a spot away from people that deserved it?

The NHL just proved they're the most idiotic league in North America. AGAIN. Someone please send me the scheduele of MLS.

Restart Later... The Oilers Blew Another One... And Welcome to Edmonton.

The Oilers lost again. Unfortunetely to the filthy Calgary Flames. And why is my cousin skating around with long hair like he's a 60s hippie?

The Flames are lucky. And I'm not just saying that due to living in Edmonton. I hate the Oileres, as much as I love them. The Oilers piss me off daily. Monthly and Yearly. There's a time where you don't shower enough, and things start to itch. Shaving is the most horrible of it all.

Tonight, the Oilers combined it all, and packaged it up into one giant mess. Roloson got beat repeatedly in the 5 hole. And Patrick Roy is rolling in his prepaid grave.

I bet 10 bucks on the game - my friend ordered a chicken burger, a poutine with it along with a beer.... threw down 20 bucks after I won saying Calgary won. I got fucked over. It's 4:30 AM, but I cant stand for this shit. Even if I did only toss down a 4 dollar tip.

Whoops, Duke, I got far off topic. And the Oil blew another night for us.

Regardless of the rest of the world.... Yes, we do hate the Maple Leafs.... and that's why you'll always suck.... Catch 22 in Toronto... We love it

I shouldn't even say this. There's a reason the Toronto Maple Leafs continually suck. And I have the answer.

I gives me much fear to let this known, in case it ever gets message to the powers in charge of the Leafs. I loath the idea of Toronto making the playoffs, let alone being a contender.... but here it is.

Memo to the Toronto area media: This is for you, and anyone that isn't, turn away. I'm selling us out:

Your problem is that you constantly brag up any and every Maple Leaf player like he's some sort of savant of hockey that's going to save the Toronto Maple Leafs. You talk about every player on that team incessantly, and never shut up. What is the random Toronto fan to believe? That this team will suck?

Of course not. You sign shit heads out of Tampa Bay, that is expendable to their plans (as Stanley Cup defenders), you offer big contracts to players that could have been Jerry Rice on ice for Edmonton, but fuck, they almost won the Cup - let's sign Mikey Peca... he breaks his leg...

You brag up idiots like Carlo Coliacovo, Andrew Raycroft, Kyle Wellwood - all AHL players on other teams in the NHL. But the fact that every NHL GM holds over your head, the people of Toronto believe it. And they better pay up to trade with you.

Instead, they fire you washed up players, and you talk them up on SportsCentre all day, all night until they combust and go into the firey hell of washed up NHL players that the rest of the league knew.

The Leafs are absolutely fucked. Deal with it now, and you'll have something to talk about later. Regardless. Do continually to talk about Kubina, Peca, Travis Green, and whoever wears that tainted jersey due to Toronto media. The rest of the hockey world will keep laughing, you pump players up to be something they arent.

Mikey Landsberg is your biggest enemy. Not JFJ. Test him for steroids, immediately.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Inre: Top Shelf Message Board Ban....

I've been sent emails, and a couple of people have checked in on me here, Mannella and OA83 and others....

So fuck it, I'll just say my piece about this here.

STAZE is a good man, no matter what happened, I know he and I would always get along in real life. If he wanted to go for a beer, I'm always up for it. And that goes for about 98% of every other poster on that board. I had issue with someone and I broke all forum rules to go after him. That's just how I roll, or something like that.

My own paranoia and being told to keep quiet is a sure fire recipe for me to do the complete opposite and blow up. Like kids mixing vinegar and baking soda in a paper mache volcano - those are my toxic mixes.

There's no blame to be laid anywhere. My personality did never mix with their philosophy for a message board. We all gave it our best shot, and in the end, it was a train wreck. I don't blame them for banning me, like I don't blame them for awarding me the first "Stanley Cup - as Administrators Award of Excellence". The only issue I do blame, is in their saying I was unprovoked. Only a complete lunatic would run around like I did without being prodded like a wild bear in a cage. And I'm not that crazy.... yet.

It was never meant to work out, I suppose. But for anyone else that doesn't have my freak of nature disposition - it is a great message board. And I'll recommend it to you, and anyone that wants to discuss hockey. They're fair people.

I'm sorry I couldn't give some sensational story of going out in a blaze of glory.
P.S. - I'm a free agent in the world of hockey message boards, people on are usually retarded - and I still fiend to talk with random people about the game. Send your links.


Friday, January 12, 2007

David Beckham comes to North America.... The NHL is dead.... and Sid the Kid can kiss LA goodbye. One strange day.

Out of nowhere MLS - Major League Soccer. Yeah, soccer, not futbol - or whoever it's spelled in a nation that cares, has once again stolen the world's biggest star to play in their league. David Beckham will join the Los Angeles Galaxy in August, and the media will go wild. Like they did with Pele when he joined that New York Cosmos team in the 70s.

Unlike Pele, Beckham won't be playing in fields with jimmied up bleachers outside of garbage dumps or the best other location on Stratan Island in NYC. Beckham will gather crowds, no matter where he is. Major league crowds, duke, and that's the problem.

Do I want to watch a bunch of euros kick a ball around for 2.5 hours until one randomly boots it into a gaping mouth of a net? I doubt you do either. But this is David Beckham, and we've been told to like him. He's an athlete duke, and in Europe, he means more than you or I. We better watch.

This officially ends any chance of the NHL in the United States. At least for the next 5 years, because Iman Beckham will be there, along with Posh Spice at every turn. Sean Avery and Elisha Cuthbert are the new.... well Sean Avery and Elisha Cuthbert. Nobody cared then, and they certainly won't know. It's Derek Jeter that needs to watch his back.

There was a time, not too long ago, maybe 24 hours ago, that it seemed ideal that Sidney Crosby should appear his face more in the Hollywood area. For his own good and for the NHL. He's already sported a LA Kings jersey before he was drafted, and spent most of his time working out there. He wanted it, the hockey world wanted it. But fuck it now, duke.

Sid is a skinny, acne ridden, buck toothed kid with no personality. David Beckham is a style magnet with his wife and mother of his kids being a star culture all of her own. Unless Crosby commits a Kobe style rape, which would be horrible, because it would only hit this is the death of hockey in the United States.

Premiere the skin tight jerseys at the Allstar Game, NHL. The only one wearing them will be Posh Spice at a MLS game, and that will be the news of that day. On Access Hollywood.

Welcome David Beckham, Goodbye Gary Bettman. Relevance is the idea of 2007, you missed it.